Vive la France

Vive la France

By Martin H. Levinson


I’m a cartoonist, a rocker

a petit bourgeois

in the Bacalat Theatre

with je ne se quoi,

opposite moi, Charlie Hebdo,

Jean Jacques Rousseau,

enjoying an evening with

Gallic bon mots, a

glass of Bordeaux, over

one row, Denis Diderot,

telling another Enlightenment Joe,

enough is enough, you got to

get tough on those who

play rough to get what they

want. Albert Camus says

they must be on meth if

they think we will bend

think we will break.

Vive satire, Voltaire is

on fire, penning Candide,

an irreverent read, do you

think he should die for

the merde in his screed?

The Marquis de Sade

who is taking a soak

says pain can provoke

orgasms in folks but

shooting’s no fun when

it’s done with a gun, we

beat back the Hun and

we’ll defeat you.


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