Say What!

Below is my latest poem, a satirical look at some pitfalls of communication.


Say What!

By Martin H. Levinson


Say “Have a nice day” you’ll be taken to task

for not saying a great day or one that will last,

whatever you say may be misconstrued

so say precious little, merci beaucoup.


To put words in writing is palpably worse

than talking to people and here is the curse,

when you write something down farewell the excuse

you misheard heard what I said, j’accuse! j’accuse!


Nonverbal messages shun and negate

they confuse other humans which isn’t so great,

stay stiff as a board when speaking with others

except in the case if those others be lovers.


To downgrade the chances of being misread

die and have people connect with you dead,

but beware this device is subject to fail

for they say in forensics the dead can tell tales.

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