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The Election is “Rigged”

November 5, 2016

Donald Trump is right the election is rigged. But he is wrong in the direction of the rigging. It is rigged against Hillary Clinton and here are the “riggers”:

The first one is the “liberal mainstream media” that for the first sixteen months of his run gave Donald Trump a pass while he spun obvious and bold-faced lies that they didn’t call him on because those lies created conflict, which was good for TV and news ratings.

The second one is the Russians, who hacked Democratic Party emails to help swing the election for Trump.

The third “rigger” is FBI director James Comey, who in July stated there was not enough evidence in Hillary Clinton’s email to prosecute her on, but slammed her anyway, and has now, against the advice of the Department of Justice, intruded in the election by informing Congress that the FBI has found evidence that may or may not be significant.

Hillary may lose the election because of the “rigged campaign” against her and if she does I’m pretty sure that unlike her Republican rival, for the good of country, she will make a concession speech and not keep the nation in suspense.