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The Business of Love

March 30, 2018

By Martin H. Levinson


My love for you is like an

IPO yearning to gain traction,

a center of excellence,

an industry model hoping

to make inroads against

your pushback, your reluctance

to roll out your affections and

operationalize a paradigm shift

in your core-caring competencies

to allow a white knight to bring

to the table seamless adoration

and customer service dedication

to disambiguate your every desire,

set the night on fire, and make the

best damn omelet you’ve ever tasted

when we ramp up in the morning.


A 21st Century Cri de Coeur

March 22, 2018

By Martin H. Levinson


I thought forever my existence

would be the same / that I was

a player in a predictable game /

but some things have happened

that’s given me pause / Margie has

left me for a guy named Claude /

my work at the factory’s gone up in

smoke / automation has made my

job a joke / my landlord said that

he wants me out / the building’s

gone co-op / what’s that all about? /

It seems you can’t count on things

to stay the course / life’s not like

still water / but a bucking horse.