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That Dick . . . Cheney

December 27, 2018

My poem below, “That Dick . . .  Cheney,” was inspired by the just released movie Vice.


During the nineteen-sixties

he supported the Vietnam War.

And to show his support and backing,

five draft deferments he applied for.


When asked about those deferments

in nineteen eighty-nine.

He said he would have liked to serve

but was busy at the time.


During the nineteen-eighties, as a

Wyoming Congressional fella, he voted

no to Head Start, a holiday for Doctor King,

and a decree to free Nelson Mandela.


Though he spoke like a hawk when he

served Papa Bush as Secretary of Defense,

he cut military budgets and downsized our forces,

which when Clinton did it got him incensed.


After leaving Defense he opted for wealth

becoming Halliburton’s CEO.

And with his Pentagon old-boy connections

he set the firm’s stock all aglow.


But making money was not enough

for a man who relished power.

He was elected to be vice president

and our nation would rue the hour.


Following 9/11 he swore

Al-Qaeda was linked to Iraq.

He affirmed that conviction with vigor

though intelligence said unsure fact.


He was a fast and firm supporter

of fighting in Mesopotamia.

And a staunch defender of torture

that became somewhat of a mania.


While hunting quail in Texas

he shot a friend of his in the face.

He reported the incident the next day

so his alcohol levels couldn’t be traced.


In 2012 he published a memoir

with the catchy title My Time.

It was panned by numerous critics

who said it didn’t contain Cheney’s crimes.


In screwing the public and screwing the state

the man has been clever and quick.

In his memoir he screwed with his legacy,

which is what you’d expect from a dick.