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Audiobook Recommendation

March 28, 2020
   Want something educational and entertaining to do while you are social distancing at home due to the coronavirus pandemic? Order the just released audiobook Practical Fairy Tales for Everyday Living, a book of mine for adults, published a couple of years ago in hard copy, that is full of fanciful characters who use a special critical thinking approach to successfully battle personal problems, mishaps, and mayhem. It’s the perfect listen for times like these.
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A Virus Walks into a Bar

March 25, 2020

This piece was submitted to a Dramatists Guild micro-play contest.

A Virus Walks into a Bar

By Martin H. Levinson

Setting: A bar with two actors seated at least six feet apart from each other

A Coronavirus

Wherever I go people don’t want to get within six feet of me and they say all sorts of nasty things that hurt my feelings. It makes me sick.

A Corona Drinker

But you’re making people sick, that’s why they’re dissing you.


They should be dissing themselves. I wasn’t the one who created a wild animal market in China that led to a pandemic.

Corona Drinker

That’s true, but did you have to latch on to people in such a virulent way? Couldn’t you have simply stayed in China?


I could have and I would have if I hadn’t been transported out. I didn’t want to cause a contagion. You guys caused it by gallivanting all around the world.

Corona Drinker

So you think germs don’t kill people, people kill people?


I didn’t deny reality and provide inadequate testing to people. Your national leaders did that.

Corona Drinker

Interesting take. We have met the enemy, and they are us.